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Name:Mali Phonpadith
Company:Soar Community Network LLC
Title:Leadership & Personal Development Expert
Address:2461 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, VA
Country:United States of America
Phone No:5714030565
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Mali Phonpadith
Leadership and Personal Development Expert
Mali Phonpadith is the Founder/CEO of the SOAR Community Network (SCN), Cofounder of the SOAR Community Nebula, TEDx Speaker, #1 International Bestselling author, business and marketing strategist, leadership and personal development expert, podcaster and the Executive Producer of Tea with Mali TV Show. SCN supports Conscious Leaders and their organizations with strategic planning and leadership development to spread their mission and create social impact. In 2015, Mali was selected as a Belief Team community partner for the Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network BELIEF initiative.

She has been nominated for several awards including Heroines of Washington D.C. Award by the March of Dimes and twice for the Women of the Year Award by NEW – Network Executive Women. She was awarded the iBoss Navigator award in 2018 for her work in helping small businesses message their mission and soar to success. She is a community champion for several local non-profits. She is the Founder of the SOAR Community Summit and producer/host of the SOAR Community Podcast.

Mali is a four-time author, including A Million Fireflies, her memoir about her voyage from war-torn Laos to America. She coauthored Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses, a professional workbook for small businesses. In 2017, Born to Be Me, a compilation of authentic stories from 19 international female authors, made Amazon’s #1 International Bestseller List. In 2018, The Balancing Act, also made the #1 International Bestseller List.

She has shared her insights at The Library of Congress, Smithsonian, University of Maryland, George Mason University, SAIC and other national venues. Huffington Post,, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Trusted Magazine, BBB Podcast, Advisor Today Magazine, Asian Fortune Newspaper, WJLA DC, Radio Free Asia, WHUR Radio, Voice of America, and numerous blog talk radio programs.
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